Beyond simply writing articles and op-eds, we help companies and their executives develop a voice and craft stories designed to be shared.

Digital platform strategy

As digital habits change daily, we help organizations navigate what we call the “discovery model” of brand building by engaging people where they are now — and using data to predict where they’re going next.

Media relations

We’ve got unparalleled experience tapping the right contacts to achieve stellar coverage and visibility.

Strategic planning

The start of our client collaboration, our strategists help companies of all size sort opportunities and issues, drive innovation and push boundaries on the path to achieving measurable goals.

Influencer partnership marketing

It’s not just about working with influencers – it’s about working with the right influencers that will collaborate and speak to the desired audience.

Integrated media

Driving deeper impact means finding the perfect mix of traditional and new media to reach people where they are, and transform stories into trending topics.

User experience

A brand ecosystem revolves around its audience. So we design everything with their needs in mind, marrying analytics, behavior research and content insights with exciting emerging technologies.


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Brand marketing

The brand is very important because it is the first touch point, the first exposure that a potential buyer, a potential partner, a potential influencer has with your brand and with your company.
We build brands by finding connection points in the real world. Our strategists and creators help clients earn affection, affinity and purchase by delivering value to people and the world.
 Redefining and re-energizing companies and brands
 Designing powerful brand architectures and associated narratives
 Identifying and energizing influencers

Corporate reputation

A business can achieve its objectives more easily if it has a good reputation among its stakeholders, especially key stakeholders such as its largest customers, opinion leaders in the business community, suppliers and potential employees.
Our corporate counselors are trusted partners and strategic guides, bringing expertise and insights that deepen understanding of today’s obstacles and possibilities, advancing company culture and protecting reputation and brand. Strategies:
 Building value-based corporate narratives that change perceptions and drive action
 Amplifying corporate brands through engaging storytelling and integrated campaigns
 Delivering insightful, data-driven analytics that propel corporate strategy

Data & Analytics

Our data and analytics teams use a range of analytics platforms and methods to make decisions from data – which may involve creating new measurement benchmarks, driving better understanding of who to reach and how to gauge real threats or opportunities that impact business performance and more.
 Traditional and social media analysis
 Ongoing (monthly, quarterly) media performance tracking
 Influencer identification, profiling and tracking
 Opinion polling and surveys
 Media monitoring and measurement tools audits

Public affairs

Drawing on a global network, SPSOLU’s public affairs team partners with the world’s leading organizations to engage audiences on the most critical issues of our time, operating at the intersection of industry, politics and culture. We bring knowledgeable and holistic counsel to our clients – discerning a tweet from a trend, and a moment from a movement.
 Experts who bring deep relationships with policymakers and opinion leaders
 Analytics infused in every stage of a campaign lifecycle
 State-of-the-art stakeholder mapping and engagement
 Seamless collaboration with clients, partners and global offices

financial services

Our strategic planning process includes comprehensive communications rollout plans and messaging materials that address key concerns in every major market worldwide. We have extensive experience crafting compelling value creation stories for key internal and external stakeholders, leveraging both traditional media and the latest digital and social media channels.
 Mergers and acquisitions
 Corporate governance issues
 IR digital and content strategy/creation
 Investor perception studies

high-tech industries

Tech specialists were deployed to help technology companies build market presence. This team is working alongside our analytics, digital, creative and strategy specialists to bring holistic solutions to our clients.
 Understanding stakeholder implications of unforeseen, technology-driven change
 Developing news, brand and thought leadership content as integral components of PR, media relations and lead gen campaigns
 Consulting on and embedding data solutions to improve and optimize communications operations

crisis management

Crisis management is the process by which an organization deals with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm the organization or its stakeholders.
Our real-time social listening and issues-forecasting processes provide analysis and context across all relevant channels. And by understanding how to manage today’s complex issues, we ensure that our clients maintain control of their destiny when the stakes are highest.
 Governmental investigations and enforcement actions
 Litigation (especially competition, contract, fraud, discrimination and intellectual property)
 International disputes
 Investigative journalism